Epiphany 2020 – Why Church?

This Epiphany season, we will be exploring the question, "Why Church?" As you know, people come to church for a variety of reasons - community, obligation, or even for the coffee. But those are surface level reasons. When we really look deep into the "why" of church, it's all about what God does in our hearts: transformation. And, that's what people are seeking, to be transformed! So why church? Because church...

Sunday, Feb. 23 – Revelation

Mark 8:27-9:8 Peter’s confession, passion prediction, bearing the cross, Transfiguration.Psalm 27:1-4 Peter proclaims Jesus as the long-ago promised Messiah. On the mountain top Peter sees Jesus alongside the titans of the faith, Moses and Elijah. The real truth about this savior is revealed. The status quo dies and we find new life on the other … Continue reading Sunday, Feb. 23 – Revelation

Sunday, Feb. 16 – Redemption

Mark 7:1-23 What defiles one comes from within.Psalm 51:1-3, 6-7 When Jesus is challenged because his disciples are neglecting purity laws, he points out that what really matters is what comes from the heart. Jesus turns people’s expectations on their heads showing them what the Kingdom of God really looks like. Why church? Because the … Continue reading Sunday, Feb. 16 – Redemption

Sunday, Jan. 26 – Reconnection

Mark 5:1-20 Jesus heals the Gerasene demoniac Psalm 89:1-4 We face many demons that separate us from community. A man’s body has been ravaged, his wholeness broken by what the Bible calls demons. Jesus, then, shows up. He reconnects this man to himself and his community. Why Church? Because church is all about reconnection. Introduction … Continue reading Sunday, Jan. 26 – Reconnection